Petition to Congress from 500,000 Citizens

I call for Congressional Hearings and Investigation of Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of aborted fetal body parts - and of the illegal and dangerous abortion procedures Planned Parenthood uses to harvest body parts. I call for an immediate moratorium on taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood pending the outcome of the investigation.

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This official petition was written by the organization that produced the explosive videos you're seeing on TV, and promoted by more than 50 pro-life organizations and activists. Your help is VERY much needed!

PP president Cecile Richards makes $590k per year! Click on the photo to read the report on PP affiliate CEOs and their extravagant salaries, paid in large part by YOU, the taxpayer.

American Life League is the oldest grassroots pro-life organization in the country, focused on education and advocacy, and is part of a coalition of more than 50 organizations and activists asked to help promote and recruit signers for the above petition. All names will be combined and shared with the Center for Medical Progress for maximum impact with Congress.